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Offering Wellness & Care for the Entire Family.

We are at the forefront of medicine by delivering unparalleled care while maintaining an unwavering commitment to the communities we serve.


Why Choose FW&AC?
We are Experienced, Family Focused & Affordable.

Family is not just in our name, being family governs  every aspect of your care with our teams of experts as they provide exactly the care you need. What might take months elsewhere can often be done in days here.

Our Wellness & Aesthetic Services

Primary Care

You can trust our primary care teams to help diagnosis and treat illnesses.


Reset and get well rested with our range our wellness programs.

Nursing Home

Partner with FWAC to provide your elderly family with the care they need.

Home Care Providers

Get the 24/7 at-home urgent care your family needs to keep going.

Botox & Vitamin Shots

Be the best you with aesthetic procedures to keep you at your best.

Addiction Recovery

Overcome the effects of alcoholism and drug use with our experts.

Meet Our Doctors

Our highly specialized experts are deeply experienced in providing the highest level of care to our patients.

Send Us a Message

Tele-Health Available

Talk with one of our specialists from the comfort of your home while still getting your questions answered and the care you need.